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Sun Drop Beauty Shot Drink 12 pcs. Collagen & Tan

Sun Drop Beauty Shot Drink 12 pcs. Collagen & Tan

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A healthy tan from the inside. Take a refreshing shot to speed up tanning and keep your skin healthy.

  • intense tan
  • rejuvenated skin
  • energy to act

Sun Drop Beauty Drink is a refreshing shot supporting tanning, regenerating the skin, positively influencing its elasticity and hydration.

100% success in tanning is ensured by proper skin preparation from the outside (cosmetics) and from the inside (Sun Drop Beauty Drink shot).

In addition, thanks to the content of gurana, Beauty Drink awakens to life and gives energy to act.

Healthy composition. Recipe for skin rejuvenation and perfect tan:

  • hyaluronic acid - hydration and improvement of skin elasticity
  • zinc - skin regeneration
  • tyrosine and copper - melanin synthesis and proper skin pigmentation
  • vitamin E - helps protect the skin

Flavor: lemon lime


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