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Discover Luxura tanning beds and experience the combination of powerful
tanning results, overwhelming luxury and natural skin care.
For a radiant tan and the ultimate wellness feeling.

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Discover wide range of Lamps

Cosmedico lamps are not only UV-A and UV-B. With over 40 years of experience, Cosmedico develops lamps that can do much more than just tan. Cosmedico lamps provide excellent tanning effects and measurable biopositive benefits – well-being during and after the tanning session.


At home sunbeds

Unlike in the past, there’s no such thing as a standard ‘home sunbed’ now. Depending on the type of bulb you choose - yes, there’s more than one! - you can create a customised sunbed tailored exactly to your needs and preferences.



Discover more Luxura

The Wild Tanning online store from Luxura offers premium lifestyle products that exude elegance and sophistication. From sleek accessories to stylish apparel, each item embodies luxury, ensuring you elevate your everyday with timeless sophistication and flair.



My Luxura

Do you want to reduce your expenses, while at the same time optimize the performance of your tanning beds? Insight into the well-being and maintenance status of your tanning beds? Solve errors more efficiently?

With MyLuxura you have everything you need for an optimal use of your tanning beds.

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Austrian gold

Sunbed Lotion

Experience the epitome of sun protection with Australian Gold Sun Cream Lotion. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it shields your skin while leaving behind a luxurious, golden glow. Embrace sun safety effortlessly.


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